Cortina Travel – a trustworthy brand


Thirty years in business make Cortina Travel one of the oldest tour operators on the Polish market. Thus, we have an enormous experience in the travel industry, which translates into the quality of service. For all these years, we have developed our passion for travel together with our customers. We have always tried to accommodate changing expectations and meet all the requirements. Due to that, our customer base includes many companies, travel agencies, parishes, and individual travellers from Poland and other countries (including but not limited to Russia, Germany, the UK, and Canada.) 

We have become a well-known and trusted brand.

Cortina Travel is an Italian-Polish travel agency with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland and a branch in Rome, Italy.

DMC Poland and Italy.


For 30 years we have continually specialised in designing tour programmes and organising all sorts of trips to Poland, European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Malta and Croatia and all over the world.  

We have added new destinations to our offering over the last few years: the U.S., England, Greece, the UK, and Latvia.
We organize and manage incentive travel business trips, travel to international trade shows, training, conferences and congresses, as well as traditional/classic sightseeing tours, honeymoon travel, pilgrimages, and expeditions for individuals.

Italy has a special place in our offering and hearts. This our second homeland. We know the country with all its regions, including the exquisite islands of Sicily and Sardinia, like the back of our hands. There’s no trip to Italy that we couldn’t organise in a perfect way! Our intimate knowledge of available hotels and restaurants, as well as our network of direct contacts allow us to prepare tours without local contractors, thus we have full control over the quality of service and prices.

We create our travel offers only on customer request. In other words, we offer tailor made and affordable products to meet the expectations of individual travellers and groups. 


  • Thirty years of experience, practical knowledge, professionalism
  • Passion and creativity
  • Personalized approach to every client, flexibility, responsiveness
  • A team of energetic workers – experienced travel enthusiasts
  • Keeping in touch with our clients, 24/7 availability during tours
  • Guaranteed quality of service. We offer only proven hotels, restaurants, carriers, etc.
  • Reliability, integrity, and diligence


  • Business to business (B2B) travel service – comprehensive organisation of  business tourism
  • Travel management for tour operators, travel agencies, schools (B2B2C services)
  • Full-service pilgrim trips  for parishes
  • Holidays for individual travellers (with or without air transport)
  • Expert advice on sightseeing and accommodation standards (helping clients choose and make the best decision)
  • Proven hotel, restaurant, and carrier reservations
  • Air and ferry tickets
  • Rentals – comfortable coaches and VIP cars

Please go to the “Our programs” tab. It features a selection of our proprietary programs (current and historical) from our extensive portfolio of group tours organised by Cortina Travel for numerous companies, tour operators, schools, and parishes over its 30 years in business.