Pilgrimage to Italy- history, culture and spirituality

Rome- Vatican- Monte Cassino- San Giovanni Rotondo- Monte Sant Angelo- Lanciano- Manopello- Loreto- Venice- Padua- Pisa- Florence- Siena- Montepulciano- Assisi- Cascia

In the heart of Europe lies a land rich with history, culture and spirituality - Italy. With its picturesque landscapes, awe-inspiring architecture, and profound religious significance, Italy has long been a destination of choice for pilgrims seeking a deeper connection to their faith and a transformative travel experience. This enchanting country is home to a plethora of sacred sites, each holding a unique story that has resonated through the ages.
From the grandeur of Rome and the Vatican to the tranquil sanctuaries of San Giovanni Rotondo, Loreto, Padua and Assisi, a pilgrimage to Italy promises a journey of introspection, enlightenment, and spiritual renewal.
In addition to the most important Italian sanctuaries we will visit among others the most beautiful Italian cities: Siena- the city of Saint Catherine, Pisa with the famous Leaning Tower, enchanting cradle of the renaissance- Florence and wonderful city on 118 islands-  Venice.

Day 1  Rome
Arrival in Rome in the morning, baggage collection and meeting with the tour leader. The meeting with the eternal city will begin with a visit to the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, one of the four patriarchal basilicas of Rome, and a panoramic tour of the city, during which we will see, among others: Circo Massimo - the oldest and largest circus of ancient Rome, Aventine and the Mouth of Truth in the vestibule of the Santa Basilica Maria in Cosmedin. We will also visit the Quo Vadis Church and St Callixtus Catacombs. Holy Mass. Hotel accommodation in Rome. Afternoon at your own disposal. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2  Ancient Rome and Patriarchal Basilicas
We will start the day with a tour of Ancient Rome. We will see the Colosseum - a symbol of imperial Rome, the Roman Forum - the center of the political and social life of ancient Rome, the Capitol, Fori Imperiali, the Pantheon - the temple of all gods. After a short lunch break we will visit the Basilica of  St. John Lateran, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori with the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Holy Mass. Dinner at the hotel or optionally at a restaurant in Trastevere with live music.

Day 3  The Vatican - A Spiritual Epicenter-  Monte Cassino
In the morning we will visit one of the most important and richest museums in the world, the Vatican Museums with the famous Sistine Chapel, the work of Michelangelo, the place of the conclave and the election of popes and the Basilica of St. Peter. Then we will go to Cassino, where we will visit the Benedictine Monastery, founded by Benedict of Nursia, who, according to tradition, reached Monte Cassino between 525 and 529 and, under the influence of the mysticism of the hill, founded a monastery, where he also settled. Holy Mass. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Cassino.

Day 4  San Giovanni Rotondo- The Spirit of Padre Pio
After breakfast, drive to San Giovanni Rotondo, a town made famous by the famous stigmatic Padre Pio, elevated to the altars by John Paul II. In the town there is a Basilica and a Monastery, where Padre Pio lived, and a hospital founded by the saint - the House for the Relief of Suffering. We will also see the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace and the Tomb of St. Padre Pio. Holy Mass. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 5  Monte Sant Angelo- Lanciano- Manopello
After breakfast, we will visit the white stone town of Monte Sant'Angelo, with the most famous St. Michael the Archangel` s Cave, the place of his revelation. There is a Sanctuary here, called the Heavenly Basilica, which is the only temple on Earth that has not been consecrated by man. Holy Mass. Then we will go to Lanciano. In Lanciano in the eighth century, in the church of St. Legontian, the first and most important Eucharistic Miracle for the Catholic Church took place, when the host became flesh and the wine became blood. The miraculously transformed host and the clotted blood were held in Lanciano with special reverence. It is kept in a silver monstrance artistically made by Neapolitan jewelers. At the end of the day, a stop at the sanctuary of Manoppello with the veil with the image of the Risen Christ. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Manopello area.
Day 6   Loreto - The House of the Holy Family

After breakfast, drive to Loreto, one of the most important places on the pilgrimage map of Italy, with the most important Marian Sanctuary in all of Italy. All pilgrims arriving in Loreto necessarily direct their steps to the Sanctuary of the Holy House of the Madonna with the dark statue of the Virgin Mary, the Black Madonna. There is a famous relic here, the Holy House, also called the House of the Mother of God, which, according to beliefs, was brought by angels from Nazareth. Legend has it that it is part of the house of Nazareth, the birthplace of Mary, but also the house where Jesus was born and raised. The house after the Ascension of the Lord Jesus became a church. Holy Mass. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Venice area.

Day 7  Venice- Canal Marvel
After breakfast, drive to Venice. We will take a motorboat to St. Mark, one of the most beautiful squares in the world and the central point of Venice, from where we will start our guided tour. In the square we will see the Basilica of St. Mark with a huge number of works of art, the Campanile bell tower, and the Doge's Palace (only from the outside), once the seat of the rulers of Venice. Among the 400 Venice bridges, we will walk along one of the most beautiful and oldest, the Rialto Bridge, around which there is a vegetable market and souvenir shops. We will also see the famous Bridge of Sighs, whose sad history is associated with prisoners crossing it for the last time before death or life imprisonment. The Baroque pearl of Venice is the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute (Basilica of Saint Mary the Healer) built in thanks to the saint for ending the plague epidemic. Holy Mass. Free time and dinner at a restaurant in Venice. Back to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 8  Padua- Pisa
After breakfast, drive to Padua, visit the Basilica of St. Anthony and the picturesque old town. Holy Mass. Drive to Pisa - a city famous for the Leaning Tower, which is the hallmark of Italy around the world, visit the Square of Miracles. Dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Montecatini Terme.

Day 9  Florence - enchanting beauty  
After breakfast, drive to Florence - the capital of Tuscany. Guided tour of the City of Art, where the greatest European artists worked: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Brunalleschi and many others. The sightseeing program includes: the gothic church of Santa Croce, where there is, among others, the tomb of Michelangelo, Piazza della Signoria with the famous statue of David and Palazzo Vecchio - the city hall; Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) called the Bridge of Goldsmiths picturesquely stretched over the Arno River; the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with the famous Brunelleschi's dome and the Baptistry. Holy Mass. Back to the hotel in Montecatini Terme for dinner and overnight.

Day 10   Siena- Montepulciano- Assisi  
After breakfast we will drive to Siena, the city of St. Catherine and the city of medieval contrades (districts). In July and August, on Marian holidays, the famous Palio di Siena, a horse race around Piazza del Campo, is held here. In addition to Piazza del Campo, a shell-shaped square and one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe, we will see the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Church of St. Dominic with the relics of St. Catherine. Holy Mass. On the way to Assisi, we will stop in Montepulciano, where we will taste fine wines in one of the vineyards. Accommodation and dinner at a hotel in Assisi or the surrounding area.

Day 11   Assisi- Art, Serenity, and St. Francis-  Cascia
After breakfast, visit Assisi, the city of St. Francis. In Assisi we will visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels - the cradle of the Franciscan Order, the Basilica and the Monastery of St. Francis - the place where the tomb of the saint and the church of St. Clare with the relics of the saint. We will also see the Place del Comune with the portico of St. Minervas. Holy Mass. Cascia is a town associated with Saint Rita - the patroness of difficult and hopeless cases. We will visit the Sanctuary of Saint Rita in Cascia, where there is a sarcophagus with her intact body. Holy Mass. Transfer to your hotel in surrounding of Rome for dinner and overnight.

Day 12   Depart
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Return flight home.


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